TEDCity2.0: the posters


TEDCity2.0-poster-2“Dream me. Build me. Make me real.” This is the driving philosophy behind the upcoming event, TEDCity2.0. To visually represent the event, curators Courtney Martin and John Cary turned to the design firm Kiss Me I’m Polish, who created a set of posters keyed into the idea of collective creation.

See, these posters are customizable. While TEDCity2.0 take places on September 20 in New York City, a web of self-organized TEDxCity2.0 events will be held across the globe over the same weekend. Kiss Me I’m Polish is encouraging TEDx organizers to take these poster designs and run with them, riffing on the imagery to reflect the unique flavor of their city. To keep the look consistent, they’ve released a design guide for TEDx organizers, giving them guidelines for creating a logo, notes on exact colors, a library of shapes for customization and detailed instructions for how to make images from their city a part of the collage. Some of these remixed posters will even be highlighted on the TEDx Blog.

Download the design and branding guide »

Check out the speaker lineup for TEDCity2.0 »



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