7 Areas Where the iPad Falls Short

Correction appended on 9/26/2013 at 10:29pm ET: A previous version of this article incorrectly listed cellular-equipped iPad versions alongside Wi-Fi-only versions of competing tablets under point number six, which pertains to price. This article has been updated accordingly. If you came here to read about how the iPad is doomed, you’re in the wrong place. By all accounts, the iPad is still the best tablet on the market, with better reviews, strong sales, and (arguably) the most engaged user base. The iPad and its top competitors Of course, raw specs alone can be misleading, which is why we take expert reviews into account for our overall scores. To wit: most of the iPad’s advantages are conceptual rather than spreadsheet-specific. “The iOS user interface is simple and easy for anyone to use,” said Joshua Weiss, CEO of mobile app development firm TeliApp. “Unlike Windows and Android tablets, there is very little that any user can do to ‘screw something up.’” Developers love the iPad for its app selection and quality as well. “While Apple’s App Store has been caught by Google Play in terms of number of apps, the quality of the apps in the Apple App Store is still far superior…especially when looking at tablets,” said Jeff Weisbein, CEO of BestTechie. Weisbein also points to the iPad’s ecosystem (“people have been using iOS products for years…[they’re] heavily invested”) and consistency (“the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch [have] all looked and functioned essentially the same for years.”). Still, even lead designer Jony Ive would concede that Apple’s once iron grip on first place is now more of an aluminum clutch. According to an International Data Corporation (IDC) report, Apple sold only 32.4% of all tablets in Q2 of 2013, down from roughly 75% when the iPad launched in 2010. Granted, it’s been nearly 12 months since Apple announced its current iPad, but Google, Samsung, Amazon, and Microsoft have cut larger and larger slices out of the Apple pie over the last few years.* *Okay, maybe not Microsoft. As a result, many


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