5 Biggest Flip-Flops from Apple

In the last decade, Apple has transformed itself from a garden-variety technology company with an especially rabid fan base to the most valuable public company on earth. Apple has become the worldwide leader in digital music sales, accelerated the mobile revolution with the iPhone and launched tablets as a viable product category with the iPad. Yet for all of Apple’s positive moves over the past few years, some of its decisions have been diametrically opposed to what Apple executives — specifically, former CEO Steve Jobs and current chief Tim Cook — said the company would do. Yes, Apple has flip-flopped numerous times. But don’t disparage the company for it. If Apple had stood firm on all its previous declarations, we wouldn’t now be enjoying some of the most iconic devices and products in recent history. Let’s look back at some of Apple’s biggest changes of heart in recent memory. 1. The Video iPod It was April 2004, well after iTunes and the iPod had become a major hit for Apple, and the iTunes Music Store had sold 70 million songs in its first year. During a conference call with the press to mark the iTunes Music Store’s first anniversary, Jobs was asked by Mike Wendland of the Detroit Free Press if Apple had contemplated releasing an iPod with additional features — specifically, one that could play videos in full color. (By that time, Apple had already added music videos to the store.) “You know, one of the things that I say around Apple, I paraphrase Bill Clinton when he was running long ago when he said, ‘It is the economy, stupid’ — I say, ‘It is the music, stupid,’” Jobs replied. “We have to stay focused on the fact that people are buying these devices to listen to music,” he continued. “People love music. They love listening to music as a background activity when they’re exercising, when they are commuting and when they are just hanging out, and music is a wonderful thing because (a) it is music, and (b) because it can be listened to


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