The Best Apps for Managing Your Inbox

Keeping up with your email can be a real pain. Not only do most of us complain about being buried in messages, we might have several inboxes — one for work, one for personal communications and (if you’re smart) a separate account you use to sign up for services that later will spam you with ads, deals and newsletters. Sure, the mail app on your smartphone or tablet works fine, but plenty of third-party apps can make handling email easier. Here are two of the best ones. myMail The Best Email App for Android: myMail Instead of forcing you to access your various email accounts in separate apps such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook or the email app that came loaded on your device, myMail lets you aggregate everything in one place. The app’s clean interface shows circular avatars to the left of the messages in your inbox that include the sender’s photo, first letter of his or her name or the company logo. The thing I appreciate most about myMail is how easy it is to use. When you swipe left on any message in your inbox queue, a ribbon appears that lets you tap once to mark a message read or unread, move it to a folder, mark it as spam, delete it or mark a message to find it more easily. You can also swipe the entire list of messages in a particular inbox to the right in order to access a dashboard showing you which account you’re in, the folders and subfolders in each and your personal settings. You can add a custom signature to your outgoing messages, adjust what times of the day you want to receive notifications, and turn on a novel feature that lets you “Hide the Sender” and “Hide the Subject” so that other people can’t see who’s emailing you if you leave your device lying around. You can choose to download attachments automatically or select them manually if you want to save on data use. Overall, myMail is a simple app if you have more than one


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