Murray Gell-Mann’s ‘totalitarian principle’ is the modern version of Plato’s plenitude

The ancient principle of plenitude is reborn in the modern belief that whatever can exist must exist.

A new FDA-approved drug takes aim at a deadly form of tuberculosis

The antibiotic could help tackle extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, which kills tens of thousands each year.

Alzheimer’s targets brain cells that help people stay awake

Nerve cells in the brain that are tied to wakefulness are destroyed in people with Alzheimer’s, a finding that may refocus dementia research.

The first chlamydia vaccine has passed a major test

A clinical trial for a vaccine against the sexually transmitted disease found that the product provoked an immune response.

New cloaking devices could hide objects from water waves and currents

Specially designed materials could help prevent boats from rocking too violently in harbors, researchers say.