Geek Toys : DIY Pocket Knife Model Kit

Put together your own lockback knife, and learn how this simple mechanism works. Pocket knives have been around as long as pockets have. Ever wonder what makes them work? The locking mechanism, not the knife. Well, DIY yourself a plastic one, and find out. $9.99

T-Shirts & Apparel : I Am Deadpool Costume Tee

I prefer the title 'Cleaner of the Gene Pool.' Those Canadians. They're super sneaky. What with their Department K and their Weapons X. Government research into weaponizing human bodies. They produced Wolverine. Deadpool. Bryan Adams. Will they stop at nothing? $19.99 - $20.99

Home & Office : Nibble Cake Pan

...and a little taste for the chef... This Nibble Cake Pan lets you bake a mini cake alongside your main cake. You can use it to try out your cake and make sure it tastes yummy, or just because you can't wait for your guests to arrive to eat some cake. $19.99

Geek Toys : Futurama Tineez

Good news, everyone! New figures are here! When we met the Futurama Tineez, our hearts melted. There's just something about their plump little bodies, their smiling faces, and the way their eyes are scrunched up tight. They make us squee. $19.99

Geek Toys : Star Trek Coasters Classic Art Coasters

Rings are for Saturn, not coffee tables. Boldly toast like no man has toasted before when your drinking is accompanied by these wooden Star Trek coasters. Each coaster features a retro-inspired poster depicting one of the original Star Trek series episodes. $99.99