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Home & Office : Nibble Cake Pan

...and a little taste for the chef... This Nibble Cake Pan lets you bake a mini cake alongside your main cake. You can use it to try out your cake and make sure it tastes yummy, or just because you can't wait for your guests to arrive to eat some cake. $19.99

Home & Office : Jack-o-lantern Cake Mold

Spooky good! When Cinderella's fairy godmother wasn't turning pumpkins into carriages, she was changing them into adorable cakes for the ball. Try your hand at the same with our Jack-O-Lantern Cake Mold. $29.99

Home & Office : Star Wars R2-D2 Bottle Opener

R2D2 is making a guest appearance...on your refrigerator! If R2D2 had been frozen in carbonite and had a bottle opener attached to his tush, he would probably look a little like this R2D2 bottle opener. Lucky for him that didn't happen. Lucky for you, you can buy this instead! $17.99

Home & Office : Kinto Carat Japanese Coffee Maker

Japanese precision for the perfect pot of coffee Perfect coffee starts with precise equipment. This Japanese pour-over coffee maker combines the style of glass and stainless steel into elegant simplicity. Maintaining control over the brewing process brings you closer to perfection. $79.99

Home & Office : The Bartender’s Toolbox

Like tools and ethanol? We can help! If there was some horrible Brundlefly accident twixt a bartender's tools and a simple toolbox, hammers and bottle openers would combine. Screwdrivers and corkscrews would intertwine. Two universes collide into something greater than the sum of its parts! $29.99