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T-Shirts & Apparel : I Am Deadpool Costume Tee

I prefer the title 'Cleaner of the Gene Pool.' Those Canadians. They're super sneaky. What with their Department K and their Weapons X. Government research into weaponizing human bodies. They produced Wolverine. Deadpool. Bryan Adams. Will they stop at nothing? $19.99 - $20.99

T-Shirts & Apparel : I Am Colossus Costume Tee

Tall, dark, and shiny. Strong, silent, and steel. Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin was born in Siberia and developed mutant powers when saving his sister from a tractor. Now his skin turns to organic steel and he grows to over seven tall. Tall, dark, and shiny, anyone? $19.99 - $20.99